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The IRS Took My IRS Refund To Pay My Spouse’s Debt?

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The IRS Took My IRS Refund To Pay My Spouse’s Debt?

My Tax Refund Paid My Spouse’s Debt?

If this sounds familiar, then you may want to look into this article on getting your refund back. First, take a minute to answer the following questions.  If you answer yes to all the listed questions, you may just be eligible to file an injured spouse claim.

  • Did you file a joint federal income tax return with your spouse?
  • Did you expect a tax refund?
  • Did you receive a notice saying that your refund will be withheld, or has it already been withheld?
  • Was the refund withheld to pay your spouse’s past-due debt for income tax, child support or other federal debt?

What is an Injured Spouse Claim?

You are considered an injured spouse if the money that is rightfully yours is being taken and if your share of a joint tax refund is used to offset a debt that’s solely owed by your spouse. Think pre-marital student loans, child support payments for children from another relationship or owed federal income tax from a year in which you filed separately.

How to file your injured spouse claim?

Obtain and file IRS form 8379 

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