Tomeka Harris

Alron’s Payroll Division prides itself in all aspects of business payroll requirements to include, but not limited to, workman compensation issues and payroll compliance issues. The Division can accommodate cost effect weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll processing for owners, major shareholders and their employees.

The Division specializes in corporate owner draws and salaries with the up to date tax advantages utilizing creative payroll applicable draw schedules. Alron is committed and dedicated to providing complete payroll tax support for any and all payroll Federal, State or local tax compliance issues. The Division utilizes state of the art and current payroll technology allowing you the freedom to focus your time and talents on your business objectives.

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Payroll Setup – Within 72 hours of your application, your payroll will be setup on a stress free payroll system.

Engagement – Weekly, bi-monthly and Monthly payroll processes services.

Consultation – Our Payroll clerks will help you choose the best solutions for your personal and employee payroll.

Forms Preparation – Federal State and local forms