Since 1987 Alron has been “The Little Guy’s Advocate” in supporting all of their individual and business tax and administrative needs. Alron and it subsidiary corporations are here to help you with all of your individual and business State, Local or Federal, tax forms, application, preparations and compliance issues. The enterprise extends its support to help businesses meet all their administrative requirements. Each subsidiary corporation of Alron Enterprises, Inc., and its staff are tax and business specialists who are proficient in entity establishment, business administration, bookkeeping, payroll, tax compliance, representation, preparation and filings.

Alron Enterprises, Inc. and its subsidiaries are dedicated with professional focus on their divisional expertise in business and individual tax management and planning. So, if you are a little guy, we want to extend you a personal invitation to sit down and meet our team of specialists. We guarantee cost effective results.

Alron Enterprises, Inc.
Ronald Gallagher, EA

Alron’s founder and CEO, Ronald Gallagher is an IRS Enrolled Agent, authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Ron has been preparing tax returns and representing individuals and business clients before the Internal Revenue Service for over 30 years. Ron’s expertise and his firm’s hands-on tax experiences has demonstrated unique and professional abilities that support their credentials with all aspects of Federal, State and local tax related matters, resolutions and representation.

Ron has been the Chief Operation Officer of Alron, since 1987 with company oversight and commitment to cost-effective business management and quality tax and business assistance, preparation and representation.  He is an experienced executive specializing in small business operations and business taxation coupled with strategic tax planning where he demonstrates, over and over, the ability to deliver business objectives and tax orientated critical results.

Ramon “Ray” Santos
Alron Enterprises, Inc.

Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O.)

Ray is one of Alron Enterprises, Inc. most valued employees. Among other fidicuary titles, Ray holds the position of Office Manager. He adds professional tax, bookkeeping, administration, and corporate strengths to the entity’s services and products. While supervising the firms business activities, Ray renders client dedication, responsibility and high quality customer care and problem resolution. He strives to promote client snynergy and is always focused on client needs and objectives.

Professor Gene Natale, JD
Alron Management, Inc.
VP of Operations

Gene holds a graduate JD degree from New York Law School and has taught Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Business Law, Accounting and has earned the title of Professor. He has also held the position as Program Director of MBA Programs with Brevard Colleges and Universities. His internship as an Assistant United States. Attorney and his experiences as a New York City Assistant District attorney brings years of competent, investigative and law knowledge to Alron Enterprises.

Patricia "Trisha" Gallagher
Alron Bookkeeping, Inc.
VP of Operations

Heading up the Bookkeeping Division, Trisha has spent the last twelve years as a bookkeeping specialist with experience and knowledge in the fields of taxation and corporate administration. She lends energy and quick turn around to the entire enterprise.

Jennifer “Jenni” Gilray

Alron Corps, Inc.

VP of Operations

Jenni has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a professional graphic artist and writer with extensive experience in customer service and team management. She heads up the Corporate Division, assisting clients with all their business needs while also working on marketing campaigns for the company.


Nancy Hendry
Alron Admin, Inc.
Tax Specialist

Nancy as been a resident of Palm Bay, Florida since 1991. She has worked for Alron Enterprises, Inc. since 2004 and currently specializes in foreign tax matters, non-profit organizations, 1031 “like kind” exchanges, local tangible taxes and state sales taxes.


Vivian Gray

Alron Admin, Inc.

Admin Assistant

Vivian was born in Austria and raised in the United Kingdom. She has worked for Alron Enterprises, Inc. since 2007 and is responsible for the firm’s accounts payable and receivables. She is an accomplished tax preparer and data posting clerk.

Brandon Gallagher

Alron Admin, Inc.

Administrative Assistant

Brandon is an advanced Palm Bay High School Graduate launching his career in the professional field of accounting and taxation. His apprenticeship has gained him practical hands on experience with tax laws and procedures, accounting and business administration. Brandon adds support to the Alron team with computer knowledge, IRS courier services and office administration duties.

Brandon at

Marissa Leach

Alron Payroll, Inc.

Payroll Specialist

Marissa is a graduate from Palm Bay High School launching her career in the professional field of accounting and payroll. Her apprenticeship has gained her practical hands on experience with payroll laws and procedures, accounting and business administration.


Meylin Fernandez

Alron Bookkeeping, Inc.

Bookkeeping Specialist

Meylin was born in Cuba. She graduated from the Central University in Cuba with a Bachelor degree in Accounting & Finance. Meylin had an internship with WF Accounting, Inc. She speaks fluent Spanish and is proficient with Quick Books and Microsoft Office

Meylin at