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Delayed IRS Refunds: Over 35 Million Tax Returns Awaiting Manual Reviews

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Delayed IRS Refunds: Over 35 Million Tax Returns Awaiting Manual Reviews

Dear Clients, did you know that over 35 Million Tax Returns are awaiting manual reviews causing delays in the refund process.

The 2020 tax season proved to be challenging both for Alron Taxes, Inc. and taxpayers alike. Due to the onset of the global pandemic, over 35 million business and personal income tax returns require manual processing by the IRS. Unfortunately, and out of our control to move the returns forward, each income tax return will be reviewed by an IRS employee before it can advance to the next stage in the processing pipeline.

Why was my refund delayed?

Please be careful and do not file a second tax return! Although you may not have received your refund, it is being processed. Below are some reasons why your return may be delayed.

  • Your tax is suspected of identity theft or fraud
  • You submitted a paper return instead of an electronic return (paper returns take longer to process)
  • Your tax return may have contained wrong information or errors, especially stimulus amounts.
  • Your tax return needs was flagged for review
  • Your tax return is incomplete

How can you track the status of your refund?

The IRS received 167 million calls during this past tax season and only 7% of those managed to reach an operator. The IRS reported a ‘Level of Service’ of only 15%. Needless to say, the chances of getting live assistance are slim.

To track your refund online visit:

IRS – Where’s My Refund or IRS – Refund Status. You can also download the IRS2Go Mobile App which is updated every 24 hours.

Contact Alron Taxes, Inc. for additional information:

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