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Taxes and Business Entities

There are several corporate structures that exist to fit everyone’s needs. From C-Corporations to LLCs, every corporate structure gets taxed differently. This article will highlight some of the major aspects of how each business entity gets taxed and help you choose which one would best suit your style of business. Sole Proprietor: Filed on a…
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How to Incorporate a Small Business

The Benefits of Incorporating Choosing to incorporate your small business means more than just getting an INC after your business name. You may have noticed that many small business owners opt for an LLC, or limited liability company. Just like an INC, having an LLC protects your personal assets from being liable for your business…
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Are You Thinking About Incorporating?

Congratulations on your new corporation! Congratulations to “Your Floor To Ceiling Shop, Inc.,” and welcome aboard as a new Florida corporation. Alron wishes your new corporate venture great success! If you’re ever in the need of flooring or cabinet services please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cheryl and the “Your Floor To Ceiling Shop,…
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