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Month: January 2020

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Managing Your Business Goals for 2020

Why You Should Be Scheduling Meetings with Yourself in 2020 As a small business owner, a good portion of your day is probably taken up in meetings. Meetings are important time to connect with others to brainstorm, set goals and review progress. However, you might be missing out on the most important type of meeting—a…
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3 Key Benefits of Taking Payroll

Don’t miss this special offer! Through the end of January 2020, we are proud to offer no payroll set-up fees! Take advantage of this exciting chance to reap the many benefits of establishing a reliable payroll system for your business in the New Year. We know you’ll love the positive impact that a comprehensive payroll…
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What Do Bookkeepers Do for Small Businesses?

Bookkeepers Save You Time As a small business owner, time is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, finding the time to deal with tedious paperwork, complicated tax forms and budget calculations is not always on the top on the list. Proper financial management is the cornerstone of getting your business off the ground and keeping it…
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How to Incorporate a Small Business

The Benefits of Incorporating Choosing to incorporate your small business means more than just getting an INC after your business name. You may have noticed that many small business owners opt for an LLC, or limited liability company. Just like an INC, having an LLC protects your personal assets from being liable for your business…
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