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Tips on Applying for a Small Business Loan

Getting Your Loan Application on the Right Track. Our topic on “Applying for Small Business Loans” was inspired by the amount of small business owners coming to us for help with their loan applications. Many business owners don’t know how much the presentation of their application will matter, which companies to borrow from, or even…
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Are You Drowning in Business Receipts?

Don’t Let Tax Season Overwhelm You. It’s about that time of year again! Now is the time to break out the numbers and start gearing up for tax season… but perhaps you feel like you’re drowning in business receipts and paperwork. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with stacks of company expenses that need to be added up,…
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How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Tax Refund?

The government shutdown may affect how quickly tax refunds are available. As many know, on December 22, 2018, a partial government shutdown was mandated. The International Revenue Service (IRS) is just one of the many federal agencies affected by the shutdown. As a taxpayer, it’s only natural to be concerned about how this will affect…
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Get Ready to File Your Taxes in the New Year

Tax Season is coming to town. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many people are preoccupied with gifts and gatherings. However, a new year is just around the corner, and before you know it, it will be time to file your taxes. So, what are some things you can do to get…
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The Difference Between Corporate Officers and a Board of Directors.

Some Corporate Advice for the Holidays. Happy Holidays from all of us at Alron Enterprises, Inc. As we move toward the New Year, we want to share some advice regarding Corporate management. We get so many questions regarding corporations, and we are very happy to answer them all in person or over the phone, but this…
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4 Payroll Tips for Small Business Owners

November News: We have been more active on Social Media than ever before. We would love to connect with all our clients through outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to provide insight and stay in touch throughout the year. We invite you to find us on Social Media and follow our pages. Then, be sure…
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Using a 1031 to Defer Paying Taxes on Property

We’ve reached the end of October and the Holiday Season is just getting started. Tax Season is fast approaching and folks are hustling about to get everything in order for the new year. The Alron team is already working with local small business owners to prep for tax filing. From hosting Tax Forum Seminars, to…
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Tax Advice From Our 2018 Tax Reform Seminar

Thanks For A Great Trip! Our Caribbean Tax Seminar was a great success! First, we must thank our three forum sponsors: SunTrust, ADP, and Pinnacle Financial Wealth Management for their support and attendance to this important tax event. From the two hour tax forum, to the cocktail party and everything in between – riding scooters,…
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The 2018 Tax Reform: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

You’ve probably heard by now of the tax reform bill called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. But are you familiar with what it means, and how it will affect you and your family when you go to file your taxes next year? Don’t wait until tax season comes around to find out. Knowing what…
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The Importance of Getting a Mid-Year Tax Review

Every year at mid-year, our bookkeeping specialist Trisha sends out a financial letter to her clients. This letter, often referred to as her “scary letter”, contains beneficial information about potential tax liabilities and gives some insight into what small business owner’s could potentially owe in taxes. Although not intended to be scary, some of the…
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