3990 Minton Road Melbourne, Florida

Alron Corps, Inc.

Taxation & Business Specialist | Melbourne, Florida

Amended Annual Report ( Includes State Filing Fee) 100.00
Annual Registered Agent Administration Fee 120.00
Annual State Report (Includes Filing Fees) 175.00
Articles of Amendment (Includes State Filing Fees) 150.00
Articles of Dissolution (Includes State Filing Fees) 150.00

Articles of Incorporation (Includes State Filing Fees) 300.00
Assets Transfer, Corporate Bill of Sale and Specials Meeting Minutes 100.00
Commercial Bank Account Setup (Does Not Include Initial Deposit) 25.00
By- Laws/Medical & Educational Plans/Operating Agreements (Per Page) 25.00
Business Consultation Fee (Per Hour) 125.00
Certificate of Status (Includes State Fees) 25.00
Corporate Book with Supporting Documents 400.00
Corporate Document Preparation (Per Page) 25.00
Corporate Seal/Stamp (Each) 75.00
Fictitious Name Registration and Renewals (Includes State Filing Fees) 75.00
Florida C Corporation (Includes State Filing Fees) 800.00
Foreign/Other State Incorporations (Includes Ste Filing Fees) 850.00
Florida S Corporate Turn Key Package (Includes State Filing Fees) 750.00
IRS Not-for-Profit Corporation Federal Application (Includes Federal Filing Fees) 1500.00
IRS – EIN Number, Form SS-4 Completed and Filed (All Entity Types) 25.00
IRS- Sub-Chapter S Election, Form 2553 (Completed and Filed) 50.00
Meeting Minutes (Annual or Special Meetings) (Per Page) 25.00
Name Check Availability (D.B.A., Partnership, Joint Venture ) 25.00
Notary Services (Per Document) 10.00
Not For Profit Incorporation Package (Includes Filing Fees) 600.00
Stock Certificates (Blank Pack of 20) (Each) 50.00
Stock Inscribed, Issued & Recorded (Per Certificate) 10.00
Registered Agent Fees Paid Annually (State Fees Not Included) 120.00
Workers Comp Exemption Form (Construction) 100.00
Workers Comp Exemption Form (Non-Construction) 50.00